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10 Must-Read Medication Articles and Reports From August 2020

ways to increase medication compliance

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management and adherence, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in August 2020. Highlights include stories on the benefits of telepharmacy, concerns about mail delays, challenges with adherence, a foray for Uber, and news from Cureatr.

1. Telehealth Improves Access to Pharmacists for Medically Underserved Patients

Drug Topics looks at how telehealth through virtual and telephone medical therapy management has helped medically underserved patients access pharmacists during the current health crisis.

2. Pharmacy Groups Express Concern About Mail Delays, Which Could Impact Medication Supply for 1 in 4 Americans Over 50

Several pharmacy organizations issued statements expressing concern about potential mail delays and how that could affect medication adherence, reports Pharmacy Times.

3. Why Patient Education Is More Important Than Ever

A Drug Topics column explores the role pharmacists play in supporting patients in medication adherence and why this is particularly important in the COVID-19 era.

4. Digital Tools Can Minimize Guesswork

The administrator of population health and prescription management at a California provider discusses how pharmacists can effectively expand their responsibilities to drive patient engagement and better support medication adherence by leveraging digital tools in Pharmacy Times.

5. Patients With Lupus More Likely to Skip Doses, Delay Filling Prescriptions Due to Cost

Data published in Arthritis Care & Research reveals that patients with systemic lupus erythematosus are more likely than those in the general population to skip medication doses, take less medicine, and delay filling prescriptions because of cost, reports Healio Rheumatology.

6. Treatment Adherence Still Difficult in Osteoporosis

Rheumatology Network reports on study data published in Osteoporosis International showing that persistence and adherence to parenteral osteoporosis therapies, including medications, are suboptimal and worsen over time.

7. Progress Assessment Tool Shows Promise for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Study data published in Psychiatry Research indicates that usage of a progress assessment tool may help improve substance use disorder medication adherence and outcomes, reports Psychiatry Advisor.

8. Uber Health Expands to Include Prescription Delivery

Uber announced it is getting into the prescription delivery business via a partnership with prescription delivery startup, NimbleRx.

9. Maximizing Adherence Packaging for Patient Health and Pharmacy Growth

A column in Drug Topics explores the investment required for pharmacies to add adherence packaging technology.

10. Cureatr Welcomes Rose Abraham, PharmD, as Director of Clinical Pharmacy Operations

Cureatr announced that Rose Abraham, PharmD, had joined the company as director of clinical pharmacy operations. In her role Dr. Abraham is overseeing all of Cureatr's pharmacy operations, including planning, recruitment, organizing, supervision, and quality assurance activities.

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