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10 Must-Read Medication Management Articles From August 2021

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and pharmacy services, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in August 2021. Highlights include stories on polypharmacy, deprescribing, adherence cost savings, potentially inappropriate medications, and major polypharmacy.

1. The Dangers of Polypharmacy and the Case for Deprescribing In Older Adults

The National Institutes of Health takes a deep dive into these two very timely and important topics.

2. Medication Adherence Measures Help Medicare Beneficiaries Avoid Up to $46.6 Billion in Health Care Costs

Pharmacy Times covers a CMS report that estimates $27 billion to $46.6 billion in healthcare costs were avoided for Medicare beneficiaries between 2013 and 2018 due to improved adherence to medications for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol.

3. The Behavioral Economic Challenges of Medication Adherence

A MedCity News column examines the importance of physicians considering the circumstances of patients' lives while communicating about medication treatment plans and the importance of adherence.

4. Oncology Nurses Must Stress Importance of Medication Adherence

An Oncology Nursing News article discusses why oncology nurses should help ensure patients, who now have access to increasing numbers of oral cancer therapies, adhere to their medication regimen.

5. Deprescribing in the Older Patient: A Narrative Review of Challenges and Solutions

Authors of an International Journal of General Medicine column provide an update on the safety and efficacy of deprescribing interventions, the challenges and solutions of deprescribing research and implementation in clinical practice, and the benefits of using computerized clinical decision support systems and quality indicators in deprescribing research and practice.

6. Addressing Polypharmacy, PIMs in Geriatric Patients With Cancer

AJMC reports on a The Journal of Geriatric Oncology narrative review that outlines available studies assessing the effects of interventions aimed at reducing polypharmacy burden and potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) among older adults with cancer.

7. Potential Greater Mortality Risk From CKD Linked to Polypharmacy

The results of a study published in Pharmacology Research & Perspectives reveal that the use of major polypharmacy (eight or more active ingredients) was found to increase risk of mortality between 22% and 135% for American adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD), reports AJMC.

8. Medication Adherence in Cardiovascular Medicine

Research published in BMJ examines trials around different strategies to improve medication adherence, highlights the impact of each on medication adherence, and examines ongoing trials and future lines of inquiry for improving medication adherence in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

9. To Reduce Seniors' Medications, Tampa Bay Providers Want to 'Deprescribe'

The Tampa Bay Times examines local efforts around deprescribing and features Dr. Santosh Kamath, a geriatrician who works with nursing homes in Bradenton and Palmetto, FL.

10. Smartphone App Improves Medication Adherence for Patients Needing Polypharmacy

A study published in BMJ Open shows that the usage of a smartphone application was found to improve medication adherence and some clinical outcomes in patients managing multiple comorbidities using polypharmacy, according to AJMC coverage.


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