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10 Must-Read Medication Management Articles From January 2021

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and pharmacy services, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in January 2021. Highlights include stories on top developments from 2020, transitional care, expanded roles and opportunities for pharmacists, asthma management, and diabetes management.

1. The Biggest Medication Management Developments From 2020

Cureatr's Chief Medical Officer S. Michael Ross MD, MHA, looks back on a year like no other and discussed some of the most significant developments from 2020 that affected medication management.

2. Managing Medications During Covid-19: A Team Effort in Transitional Care

The author of this MedCity News column makes the case that pharmacists should serve as "… quarterbacks of a patient's at-home-care team, providing essential help to those who are taking multiple medications." 

3. Pharmacists Rise to the Challenge of Expanded Roles

This Pharmacy Times column explores the numerous roles pharmacists have filled during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of these roles, and why pharmacists deserve — and are long overdue to receive — federal provider status.

4. Pharmacists Play Key Role in Managing Medication-Based Therapies for Older Patients

A study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology brings renewed attention to the important role pharmacists play in managing medication-based therapies for older patients.

5. Point-of-Care Testing Offers New Opportunities

Pharmacists have an opportunity to further evolve their role via point-of-care testing, especially considering the pressure that the public health emergency has placed on the healthcare system notes the authors of this Pharmacy Times column

6. Managing Medications at a Distance

This HomeCare column discusses how advancements in technology are helping older patients with medication management and adherence.

7. Pharmacists Play a Vital Role in Asthma Management

A Pharmacy Times column discusses the role pharmacists can play in helping manage a patient's asthma by examining the refill history, medication adherence, and proper inhaler techniques.

8. Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration May Increase Adherence to Opioid Addiction Treatment

A study in Addiction demonstrates that a collaborative approach to treating opioid use disorder that relies heavily on community pharmacists is not only feasible but may increase medication adherence and participant satisfaction.

9. Collaboration Between Assisted Living Operators, Physicians Crucial to Resident Care Management: Study

McKnight's Senior Living reports on a study showing that physician involvement in the care of assisted living residents is crucial, but their role often is unclear, which can affect the critical need for effective medication management.

10. Cultural Considerations in Diabetes Management

Among the key takeaways from this Verywell Health article: "… another thing to consider when recommending a specific type of medication is cultural beliefs. Perceptions of a persons' beliefs should be understood before recommending a treatment regimen."


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