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10 Must-Read Medication Management Articles From March 2021

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and pharmacy services, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in March 2021. Highlights include stories on telehealth, digital solutions, deprescribing, medication nonadherence, patient financial health literacy, and new medications.

1. Tip of the Week: The Time is Now to Provide Telehealth, Telepharmacy Services

This Pharmacy Times column calls on the pharmacy industry to embrace telehealth and telepharmacy as viable alternatives to some in-person interactions.

2. New Technologies Boost Pharmacist's Role

Digital health solutions are taking on an ever-increasing role in the care provided by pharmacists, explores this Pharmacy Times column.

3. 94% of Older Adults Prescribed Drugs That Raise Risk of Falling

The results of a new study further support the importance of interventions to deprescribe potentially inappropriate drugs among older, frailer patients, notes the lead investigator.

4. Pandemic Seems To Have Affected Telehealth Use Disproportionately

The American Pharmacists Association covers a new study showing that telehealth services have mostly been accessed by those living in affluent and metropolitan areas during the pandemic. Researchers said the findings raise concerns that the pandemic may be worsening existing healthcare disparities.

5. How Medication Nonadherence Impacts Brand Management

This dive into medication nonadherence and its challenge and strategies in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine leads the author to conclude that nonadherence itself is a preventable disease.

6. What Is Patient Financial Health Literacy, Why Is It Important?

A PatientEngagementHIT article explains the importance of patient financial health literacy and its role in improving the patient experience, including around medication costs and adherence.

7. Electronic Monitoring Fails to Adequately Gauge Drug Adherence in Older Patients With RA

New research reveals medication adherence shortcomings associated with rheumatoid arthritis patients using caps that record when a pill bottle is opened, according to a Healio Rheumatology report.

8. Medication Adherence in Pregnant Women With MS Can Reduce Hospitalizations

The results of a new study demonstrate the importance of interventions for multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy, including medication adherence, reports Pharmacy Times.

9. Q&A: Discussing Potential Adverse Events of New Medications With Older Adults

Healio Primary Care reports on a study showing that many older adults do not recognize potential adverse events associated with new medications.

10. Growing Medication Management Optimization Company, Cureatr, Names New Executive Leadership

Cureatr announces the expansion of its executive leadership team to address growth of its tech-enabled clinical telepharmacy services.


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