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10 Must-Read Medication Management Articles From May 2021

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and pharmacy services, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in May 2021. Highlights include the importance of IT for medication management and medication reconciliation, future of pharmacy, a new deprescribing campaign, polypharmacy in older adults, and deprescribing guidelines.

1. Health IT Innovation Is Key to Medication Management Reform

A column in HealthTech Magazine pushes for national medication management reform driven by actionable data that can empower care teams.

2. Detect Adverse Events and Medication Errors Using Technology

A Pharmacy Times column discusses the increasingly important role of technology in helping pharmacists and other healthcare providers ensure more effective and safe medication use.

3. Healthcare Leaders Say Lack of Communication Between Prescribers, Pharmacists is Biggest Issue in Medication Management

A survey of healthcare leaders found that lack of communication between prescribers and pharmacists, rather than medication costs, is the biggest issue in medication management, reports Managed Healthcare Executive.

4. Experts Predict Increasing Importance of Quality Measures, Team-Based Care in the Future of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Times reports that a panel of experts at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance 2021 Annual Meeting believes developing consensus-based quality measures and integrating pharmacists into care teams will be increasingly important for pharmacists in the coming decade.

5. AMDA Aims for 25 Percent Meds Reduction in Data-Sharing Deprescribing Campaign

AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine announced a new deprescribing campaign that aims at 25% medication reduction in long-stay residents, reports McKnight's Long-Term Care News.

6. Have High Blood Pressure? You May Want to Check Your Meds

A study presented at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting shows that nearly one in five adults with hypertension report taking medications associated with raising blood pressure levels, leading researchers to push for greater awareness of polypharmacy in older adults who also have the highest burden of high blood pressure.

7. Developing Local Guidelines on Deprescribing in End-of-Life Care

A Nursing Times Innovations article describes the development of local recommendations to guide deprescribing practice.

8. Pharmacy Needs Payment Reform To Thrive. We're Fighting for It on Two Fronts

Scott Knoer, CEO of the American Pharmacists Association, highlights the APhA's recent efforts surrounding payment reform in count and in Congress.

9. Pharmacist-led Intervention to Improve Antibiotic Use at Hospital Discharge

New research shows that evaluation of discharge antibiotic therapy by a clinical pharmacist helps improve the appropriateness of discharge antibiotic prescriptions, reports Contagion Live.

10. Gaming App Improves Adherence to Medication Plans for HIV-Positive Men

A study further shows the value of gamification in encouraging patients to follow recommended healthcare guidance — in this case, young men living with HIV adhering to antiretroviral therapy, reports Laboratory Equipment.


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