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10 Must-Read Medication Management Articles From November 2021

To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and pharmacy services, here are 10 of the most significant news reports published in November 2021. Highlights include stories on social determinants of health, hypertension, behavioral health, antibiotic resistance, glaucoma, and the importance of clinical pharmacists.

1. The Impact of Community Pharmacists on Social Determinants of Health

A Pharmacy Times column argues that community pharmacist involvement in helping address social determinants of health is essential to improving overall patient outcomes.

2. Nearly 1 in 5 People With Hypertension Take BP-Raising Meds

With research showing that many hypertensive patients may be inadvertently taking medications that raise their blood pressure, reports MedPage Today, clinicians supporting these patients should routinely screen for such medications and look for deprescribing opportunities.

3. Pharmacists Can Help Meet the Need for Increased Behavioral Health Medication Management

A Pharmacy Times column calls for pharmacists to take a more active role in supporting the growing number of patients using behavioral health medications.

4. Polypharmacy May Increase Risks for Kidney Failure, Cardiovascular Events

A study finds that the use of more than five prescription medications by patients with nondialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease is associated with kidney failure and cardiovascular events, reports Renal & Urology News.

5. Medication Adherence and the Psychology Behind It

An MDLinx column explore the psychology and barriers that contribute to medication adherence/nonadherence.

6. The Cost of Antibiotic Resistance

A Drug Topics Journal article examines why antibiotic resistance remains a significant healthcare challenge in the United States and what can be done to help combat it.

7. Help Patients Safely Handle Medications to Improve Adherence

By addressing medication nonadherence barriers, such as cognitive impairment, cultural issues, and denial, pharmacists can help patients avoid adverse effects, notes a Pharmacy Times column.

8. Certain Disabilities Tied to Poor Glaucoma Med Compliance

Review of Optometry discusses the results of a study showing some disabilities affecting glaucoma patients are associated with a significant reduction in medication adherence.

9.Enable Real-Time Rx Benefit Info to Boost Truth in Drug Pricing

An American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Medical Service report shows that the use of a standardized, real-time prescription benefit tool, embedded in EHRs, would better support cost-informed decisions on prescription drugs while improving medication adherence and price transparency.

10. How Clinical Pharmacists Make a Difference: Q&A With Tatiana Wright

In this interview, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Tatiana Wright discusses a range of topics, including addressing social determinants of health and strengthening medication safety..

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