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7 COVID-19 Mobile and Web Apps You Should to Know About

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As part of the effort to combat the COVID-19 virus, we are seeing healthcare companies and organizations step up in many ways. We recently highlighted eight companies — as well as Cureatr — offering free services and solutions to help providers improve the delivery of care and more safely and effectively resume their operations, among other benefits.

We are also witnessing companies and organizations leveraging technology in innovative ways, including the development and expansion of mobile and web apps. In Cureatr's case, we recently launched COVID-19 alerting in Meds 360° to help with the identification of patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications.

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Here are seven other noteworthy COVID-19 apps and features.

1. Virtual COVID-19 Triage from C Spire Heath and the University of Mississippi Medical Center

C Spire is a technology company headquartered in Mississippi. In partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), C Spire has redirected its C Spire Health telemedicine app to aid UMMC in diagnosing and triaging possible cases of COVID-19.

Under normal circumstances, UMMC clinicians treat a variety of conditions through the C Spire Health app. These include cold and flu, nausea, ear infections, and migraines. Now any Mississippi resident — regardless of whether they are a C Spire customer — with COVID-19 symptoms or known exposure can use the free C Spire Health UMMC Virtual COVID-19 Triage app to connect with a UMMC clinician via telehealth to receive a free screening. Clinicians assess patients and provide care guidance. If a clinician determines a patient is at high risk for infection, the patient receives a next-day appointment at a drive-through collection site. Once on site, patients present the identification number provided to them through the app. The app is downloadable via iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

2. COVID Coach from the National Center for PTSD

The COVID Coach is described as an "easy-to-use mobile application created for everyone, including veterans and servicemembers, to support self-care and overall mental health" during the pandemic. Developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), it connects users to resources to help cope with stress, stay healthy, stay connected, and navigate parenting, caregiving, and working at home while social distancing or sheltering in place. Additional features include trackers to check mood and measure growth toward personal goals and graphs to visualize progress over time. The app is downloadable via iTunes and Google Play.

3. Alpha COVID-19 Risk Assessment App from Dr. Warren Wexelman and Alpha Software

The Alpha COVID-19 Risk Assessment App is a free web app developed by Dr. Warren Wexelman, a New York City cardiologist/internist, and Alpha Software, a Massachusetts-based developer of mobile and web apps. This app allows users to anonymously answer questions about symptoms, existing medical conditions, recent travel, contact with others who are ill, and other factors to help assess risks for COVID-19 using current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The app provides multiple summaries: risk of getting the virus, likelihood of having the virus based on symptoms, whether a user likely has a mild or severe case of COVID-19, and recommended next steps based on the risk lever determined by these findings. Access the app here.

4. Experity COVID-19 Response App from Experity

Experity is a San Diego-based provider of technology solutions to on-demand healthcare practices and primary care clinics worldwide. Its COVID-19 Response App is a web-based check-in triage application intended to help urgent care clinics triage patients prior to entering the clinic. The app allows patients to self-schedule so they can remain outside of the clinic until their appointment. The app leverages two-way text messaging and telemedicine features, permitting staff to assess COVID-19 risk and direct patients on appropriate next steps.

The app is free to any urgent care clinic, regardless of whether they are an Experity client, for 90 days. Setting a clinic up on the app requires completion of a form, which can be accessed via the button on the bottom of this webpage.

5. COVID Symptom Tracker from multiple organizations

Created by doctors and scientists at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, King's College London, and Stanford University School of Medicine, working in partnership with health science company ZOE, this app is intended to help scientists better understand COVID-19. More specifically, it's intended to enhance understanding of the symptoms of the virus and how fast the virus is spreading, identification of high-risk areas in the country, identification of who is most at risk by better understanding symptoms linked to health conditions, and identification of exposure of healthcare workers to COVID-19. Users are asked to spend about a minute to report their health each day, even if they feel well. A map is updated daily to show the percentage of users of the app currently estimated to have symptomatic COVID-19. The hope is that scientists will be able to use the data gathered to help health services support sick individuals. The app is downloadable via iTunes and Google Play.

6. COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect from the University of Wisconsin

COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect is a free mobile and desktop app developed by the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies at the University of Wisconsin to provide accurate information, social support, and helpful resources specifically to Wisconsin residents. The app includes several components, including moderated discussion rooms, a COVID-19 fact checker, audio meditations, tutorials on prevention techniques, and a resource center with health statistics, sobriety tools, and assistance for domestic violence victims.

In a press release, Dr. Ryan Westergaard, chief medical officer of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and a principal investigator on the project, states, "[The app] contains helpful, vetted information, and allows Wisconsinites to share insights and advice with others in their own communities. Importantly, it's an evolving resource. The content provided in the app will be updated over time, as the impact of COVID evolves." As of this writing, the mobile app is under review by the Apple App and Google Play stores. Access the desktop version here. Note: Other states and even some cities have COVID-19-focused apps available, including Utah, Florida, and New York City.

7. COVID ClearPass from Red Level

This free app developed by Red Level, a Michigan-based technology services company, is designed to help companies maintain safety as they resume operations. Initially developed for internal use but now available to the public, the app includes several features, such as an employee self-health declaration form, staff capacity management, push notifications, and human resource alerting when a failed self-health declaration is submitted. Red Level indicates that a contact tracing feature is in the works. COVID ClearPass is a web-based app that can be white labeled or customized for a fee. Downloading requires submission of a form found here.

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