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Beers List Alerting

Meds 360° now alerts for the American Geriatrics Society Beers Criteria® of potentially harmful medication use among elderly patients.


Get an additional level of insight on what medications your patients are taking...and which ones they shouldn't be.


With a quick purple alert at the top of the screen, click in for an overview of potentially harmful medications.


Notification-fatigue is real, Cureatr alerts are informative and easy-to-access, without being in your face.

First developed in 1991 by Mark Beers, MD, the criteria is a list of overused and potentially unsafe drugs for seniors that can be checked against when they are prescribed a new medicine.

As Co-Chair of the AGS Beers Criteria® Panel, Michael Steinman, MD stated, “This tool works best as a starting point for a discussion—one guided by personal needs and priorities as we age.” Read more from AGS here.

Now you can find that starting point right inside Meds 360° with a "High Risk Medication" purple alert, allowing for a more efficient process for providers, and a higher quality of care for patients.


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