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Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Deploys Meds 360° Solution

CPS selects Cureatr to provide medication management software to streamline and improve the delivery of telepharmacy services.

New York, NY – June 26, 2019 – Today, Cureatr announced that Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS), the nation’s largest hospital and health system pharmacy services provider, has selected Cureatr Meds 360° medication management solution to help support their telepharmacy division. Meds 360° will provide CPS clinical pharmacists with a comprehensive view of medication history for over 265 million patients in the United States through real-time visualization.

Founded nearly 50 years ago, CPS has been helping hospitals and health systems better utilize pharmacists to increase clinical quality, reduced admissions, improve patient satisfaction, and lower costs. CPS Telepharmacy is a full-suite, 24/7/365 telepharmacy service providing pharmacy consultations and staff support, remote order entry and verification, and clinical care services. CPS Telepharmacy selected Cureatr to help improve the efficiency and workflow of their suite of offerings, including their Transitions of Care (TOC) and Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) service.

CPS selected Meds 360° as a means to improve their telepharmacy workflow and delivery. Meds 360° will provide their clinical pharmacists an easy, user-friendly way to determine, in real-time, a patient’s current medications, their appropriateness, and therapeutic duplications or drug-drug interactions across all prescribers and care settings. With these capabilities, CPS will be able to improve their medication reconciliation, medication counseling, and post-discharge follow-up.

“The effectiveness of our telepharmacy services were deterred by laborious, manual processes and information gaps prior to deploying Cureatr,” said Aalap Modi, Director of Clinical Care Services. “With Cureatr, our team can more effectively support our client’s patient medication management needs with greater automation and more timely information that is presented in one of the most intuitive interfaces I have ever worked with.”

“We cannot be more pleased that CPS has chosen Meds 360° to support their suite of telepharmacy services,” said Richard Resnick, CEO, Cureatr. “We see our mission of filling in information gaps in patient medication history as aligned with that of CPS. We are confident that the combination of real-time, accurate medication data for every single patient powered by Meds 360°, clinical decision support, and pharmacist-enabled clinical services and interventions will deliver an unrivaled CMM experience that improves outcomes and saves health systems money.”

About Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Founded nearly 50 years ago, and employing over 2,500 pharmacy professionals, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pharmacy support services to more than 700 hospital and healthcare facility pharmacies. CPS helps hospital pharmacists tackle complex problems such as hyperinflated drug costs, medication reconciliation, specialty pharmacy, operational effectiveness and staffing efficiencies, centralized distribution, ambulatory/retail pharmacies, compliance, 340B programs and much more, leading to increased quality, reduced admissions and lower costs. For more information, visit http://www.cpspharm.com.

About Cureatr

Cureatr is a comprehensive medication management company giving hospitals and clinicians the tools and support to make an immediate difference in patient lives by filling in the gaps in patient medication histories, following their entire care journey, and repairing fragmented communication between practitioners with a unique combination of technology and clinical support that spans the continuum of care. The result is a complete picture of a patient, a perfect starting point for informed, improved care now, and for the future. Visit cureatr.com to learn more.


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