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Meds 360° COVID-19 Alerting

Cureatr admires the health care workers putting themselves on the front lines in caring for our nation’s sick during this national emergency. Thank you. To help, we have launched COVID-19 alerting in Cureatr Meds 360° to help you identify patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications. 

Easily identify high-risk patients:

Based on a cross-section of comorbidities and age, Cureatr will alert Meds 360° users on a patient's risk level of serious complications due to COVID-19.

Prioritize and act:

Quickly and efficiently prioritize patients at risk of complications.

Save time:

Alerts are automatically triggered when a patient hits COVID-19 high risk criteria. They are highlighted at the top of the patients medication history and easy to understand so you can get back to your job - protecting the rest of us..

Curear is currently offering our medication management software, Meds 360°, for free until the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has been contained and the threat has subsided to all qualified hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations on the front lines of COVID-19 care, while capacity lasts. To learn more, click here. To get started click here

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