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Cureatr, A Better Care Company That Fills in the Blanks

Interview with Richard Resnick, Cureatr CEO

Cureatr recently announced Richard Resnick as their Chief Executive Officer. With over 15 years of experience in the venture capital startup world, Resnick’s veteran leadership signifies a new vision for the healthcare IT company, one that helps hospitals run more efficiently, helps clinicians better care for their patients, and helps patients just feel better. We spoke with Resnick to discuss why he joined Cureatr and his vision for Cureatr’s future.

What initially attracted you to Cureatr?

Richard Resnick: Frankly, at first, I wasn’t attracted to Cureatr! My first impression of the company was that it was selling secure messaging. While important, I didn’t see how that connected to a greater vision or mission, and I worried about the company’s ability to create sustainable competitive advantage when messaging had advanced to become mainstream.

But after I took a closer look I realized that the company had great potential. First (and last), I discovered that the people here are world-class and committed to a vision greater than just secure messaging – one of more informed care. That deeper purpose motivated me and allowed for a more expansive view of where we could take the company. Next, I discovered the world-class technology built by engineers who previously worked at leading tech companies like Paypal, 23andMe, and others. And finally, our marquis client base, 100% retention rate, and very sticky usage patterns convinced me that there was something big we could do here.

What do you think separates Cureatr from its competitors?

RR: I try to see the world as I want it to be. In that world, we really don’t have any competitors because the stuff we’re doing is so far out in front of industry! But the world is obsessed with today’s reality, so I’ll honor the obsession: our competitors focus on single-function, one-lens ideas: connection, communication, or collaboration. Great stuff, but what they’re all missing is The Big Picture. Today’s CMO worries intensely about adding yet another technology to a stack to solve a single problem. What new problems will it create? In short, our “today competitors” give clinicians pieces to a larger puzzle but serve hospital systems narrowly — one thing at a time.

Then there’s the “won’t my EMR solve this problem?” question that any CMO or CMIO asks in their sleep. The truth is EMRs have a lot of info, but they fall short in putting it together fast enough. And they don’t talk to each other well. And they typically can’t serve it up seamlessly for staff on the go. EMRs have most of the data (at least within the four walls of the hospital) and none of the speed, reach, or versatility that today’s clinicians need.

Cureatr is different. We fill in the blanks in healthcare: where patients have been, where they’re going, what medications they’re taking outside of our EMR, who on their care team needs to know, and yes, of course all on top of a world-class secure messaging bridge that runs in the browser and on mobile. Think of us as a better care company, dedicated to the bigger work of filling in the blanks that exist in healthcare for clinicians, hospitals and patient populations.

What is Cureatr’s core value? What is your vision for Cureatr’s future?

RR: Today we do incredible things. We connect tens of thousands of providers in ways that weren’t previously possible. We follow millions of patients to ensure they get the highest quality care. Our job is to create a picture of a whole patient, giving clinicians vital depth and context into who they are, what illnesses they’ve faced, what medications they’ve taken (and what medications they choose not to take), where they’ve been within healthcare facilities and where they’re going, as they’re going there, in real-time, whether within their hospital system or not, so clinicians can take real action.

Our vision for the future is the same as today: we fill in the blanks that exist, wherever we find them, providing opportunities for healthcare systems to better help patients right now in ways that are mobile, immediate, and actionable, for split-second decisions that affect lives. We will always be searching for the next healthcare industry problem to solve, the next blank to fill, the next way for our products to better lives.

When care providers talk about Cureatr, what do you hope they say?

RR: More than anything, what I want for people to say about Cureatr is that we’re helping. That we genuinely care about our customers and their patients. That our products are active and delightful to use and speed everything up without creating new problems. That we’re connective and integrated into the healthcare community in which they’re a part. That we’re impactful – we work to change healthcare for good and never forget that our purpose is to design solutions that create a string of benefits from hospitals to clinicians to patients.



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