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Cureatr Employee Spotlight: Matthew Benedon, Strategy & Partnerships

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Matthew-BenedonFor this month’s Employee Spotlight, we spoke with Matthew Benedon. Originally from South Jersey, Matt studied English Language and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Matt started at Cureatr as an Implementation Consultant almost four years ago before being promoted to Client Services Manager.

In 2018, Matt transitioned from client services into Strategic Partnership Management and was recently promoted to Director of Strategy & Partnerships. Matt focuses on growth-oriented strategy, partnerships, and business development. 

What is your favorite part of your  job?

It is definitely the strategy work. I love solving complex problems and I feel that there is no more complex industry than health care. In order to do my job, I need to understand healthcare’s trends, competitive landscape and key market dynamics to guide the company’s approach to partnership and strategy around emerging trends. It is very satisfying when we develop and execute a plan that is taking into consideration where healthcare is going to be in 3, 5, or 10 years out and be ahead of the curve. 

Why do you like working for Cureatr?

I love the people and the atmosphere. It's an energetic environment where I'm excited to come to work every single day. Everyone here is driving towards our vision of creating a world where people who need medications can access and use them safely and effectively so that they can lead healthy lives.  We are single minded in that goal and are passionate about changing health care with our technology and services. They are people who understand that there are huge issues in our healthcare system but believe that are not insurmountable and that we have the ability to overcome them. Cureatr is changing the way we manage medication usage  in this country, and helping to drive value based care forward and it is because of the amazing people I work with.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Balance and prioritization. I find myself in a semi-regular battle between working on projects that will be meaningful to the company in the longer term vs. those that need immediate attention. I find this particularly challenging because as I mentioned earlier, the strategic direction and non-emergent projects are my  favorite part of the job and they are usually long-term projects. Managing partnerships and working on potential new business deals are more urgent and need my attention so sometimes the big picture projects are worked on more slowly than I would like.   

How would you describe Cureatr in 3 words?

Energetic, innovative, and exciting

What is your proudest moment at Cureatr?

I have several proudest moments at Cureatr but I’ll tell you about two. 

The first was my innovation project. One of our values at Cureatr is innovation,  and we have a quarterly innovation challenge to make sure we promote that value. Every other Friday, we are encouraged to work with a cross-functional team on anything that we think will help the company. A few quarters ago, my team worked on a new tool that greatly expedited the Cureatr implementation process. It empowered our customers to take more ownership in the process and it took a lot of burden off our client services team. I take a lot of pride in that because I got to work with people that I don’t usually get to work with on a day to day basis and I was blown away with the end result of the project. 

Another accomplishment I am particularly proud of was when I was tasked to build a new model to estimate the addressable market for a new solution we were considering building. Without much guidance on how to compose it, but with a ton of support from my manager and colleagues, we figured out the size of our market and modeled our operating costs against it to determine what our business could offer in terms of market opportunity. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

That’s a very easy question. I absolutely love spending time with my daughter and my family. When I’m not doing that you can find me golfing. But family and friends are the most important thing in my life. 

What is the first app you check in the morning? 

The first app I check in the morning is Twitter. Twitter is kind of my source for everything in the world. Twitter is my news and my entertainment at the same time.

What's your favorite nineties jam and why?

Probably “The General” by Dispatch. I hear that song and it evokes really positive,  strong memories of camp and high school - it’s also just a good song that you can dig into its meaning and hear something other than a catchy tune. It’s awesome when they play it live - definitely one of their crowd pleasers.

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