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Cureatr Extending Open Access to Meds 360° Software During COVID-19 Outbreak

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In light of continued spikes of COVID-19 throughout the United States, Cureatr is extending and expanding their COVID-19 response program; continuing to offer their free medication management software and now offering free virtual patient medication reviews.

July 22, 2020 – New York, NY – Today, Cureatr, Inc., a Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) technology and services company, announced that they are extending their offer to provide free, open-access to their medication management software,  Meds 360°, to healthcare providers on the front lines of the COVID-19. The company also announced that it is extending their offer by providing free, virtual medication review services to primary care practices to help support them to manage at risk patients.

Since launching their COVID-19 Response initiative in late March, Cureatr has provided its software, free of charge, to thousands of health care providers in dozens of institutions across the United States. These providers have used Meds 360° to help enhance throughput in emergency departments, avoid unnecessary medication-related admissions, re-admissions, and ED visits, enable remote post-discharge follow-up, and identify patients in danger of drug shortages. All of which have assisted in keeping patients, healthy or infected, out of overwhelmed medical facilities during this worldwide crisis.

While encouraged by the results of the program, recent surges in COVID-19 cases in hotspots across the United States have convinced Cureatr that extending the program is necessary to help alleviate the continued strain on the US healthcare system during this unprecedented pandemic and keep patients away from overcrowded medical facilities unless necessary.

Additionally, Cureatr is extending the scope of their response program by offering complimentary, virtual medication reviews to primary care practices. With this service, patients, or their caregivers, can have one of Cureatr’s board-certified telepharmacist review their medication therapy, making sure they understand what each medicine is for, how and when they should be taken, identify drug therapy problems, and answer any questions or concerns the patient may have. This service will also provide patients with a plan to optimize their medication treatment which will then be shared with their primary care provider.

“Since our last COVID-19 Response update in late May, the country has unfortunately seen another COVID-19 spike, with the CDC reporting that the number of confirmed cases has over doubling from ~1.5 Million to nearly 3.7 Million and the death count swelling to nearly 140,000,” said Richard Resnick, Cureatr’s CEO. “We have been proud of the work we have done so far to help healthcare providers in the fight against COVID-19 but realize that this battle is far from over with reports of massive community spread in hotspots around the country. We will continue to do our part and support hospitals experiencing over-capacity due to new COVID spikes.”

Regarding expanding the program to offer medication review services to care delivery organizations, Cureatr’s Chief Medical Officer, S. Michael Ross, MD, MHA, said “Managing medication regimens can always be a challenge, especially if a patient is of an advanced age or suffers from a chronic illness. Now with COVID-19, the challenge is even greater as the closure of businesses, shelter-in-place and quarantines orders, safer-at-home guidance, and patient access to medications has been reduced or eliminated entirely. We believe that providing medication reviews and recommendations to primary care practices will help their patients stay compliant with their medications and keep them out of the hospital.”

If you are interested in either service, you can learn more and request them below.

Click here to watch the webinar, Payer Opportunities to Improve Medication  Management.

About Cureatr, Inc.

Cureatr is a comprehensive medication management (CMM) solutions company dedicated to repairing the United States’ $528 Billion suboptimal medication management problem. Using our technology, we ensure that prescribers have real-time, accurate current medication lists when they write new prescriptions and perform medication reconciliations; by making it easy to draw their attention to potential drug therapy problems, like therapeutic duplication, non-adherence, and substance abuse; and by generating real-time notifications for care managers when patients pick up new, potentially dangerous medications, or fail to pick up their maintenance meds. We also offer clinical services that put our technology into the hands of our own board-approved clinical pharmacists, enabling them to provide ongoing care coordination of their complex medication therapies because our vision is a world where people who need medications can access and use them safely, and effectively so that they can live long healthy lives, in the real world rather than the hospital. Visit to learn more.

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