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Cureatr to Offer Open Access to Medication Management Software During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Cureatr Meds 360°, medication management software is now free to help relieve the significant burden on the US healthcare system during the COVID-19 outbreak

March 23, 2020 – New York, NY - Today, Cureatr, Inc., a Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) technology and services company, announced that, effective today and while capacity lasts, their medication management software solution, Meds 360°, will be provided on an open access basis to qualified healthcare providers on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

Paramount to alleviating the increased strain on the US healthcare system during this unprecedented pandemic is keeping patients away from medical settings unless necessary. Using Meds 360°’s free, high-quality, real-time medication histories, providers can:

  • access real-time intuitive medication fill data at triage to improve accuracy and efficiency of medication reconciliations
  • perform remote rather than in-office post-discharge follow-ups
  • flag patients with comorbidities likely to place them at increased risk for serious COVID-19 illness
  • identify patients at risk of facing up-and-coming drug shortages
  • identify patients who may have drug therapy problems that could lead to a hospitalization unrelated to COVID-19.

Additionally, Cureatr will now offer a free patient population assessment to help provider organizations identify patients at risk of developing serious illness due to COVID-19 based on their medication profile and demographics.

“Nationwide, worries are growing about capacity at our hospitals, ICUs, ERs and provider offices to both treat and to quarantine patients,” said Richard Resnick, CEO of Cureatr. “We are contributing our team and technology to this effort to increase capacity and throughput so any American who needs urgent healthcare will be able to receive it.”

Since first cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the United States on March 5th, numbers have skyrocketed to over 15,219 cases resulting in 201 deaths as of March 20th. According to the CDC, cases of COVID-19 are likely to grow in the United States, including more instances of community spread, and widespread transmission of COVID-19. Experts at John Hopkins University estimate that 40% of the population may contract the disease, leading to extremely elevated rates of hospitalizations and death, and overload of the public health and the healthcare system.

“Meds 360° is enhancing throughput in our emergency department during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Joseph Ng, Assistant VP of Medical Staff and CMIO at Mather Hospital, a Northwell Health hospital in New York. “Its real-time pharmacy fill data immediately shows us the medications our incoming patients are taking and where they’re getting them so we don’t have to call pharmacies to figure out their current med lists, which saves us critical time in treatment, helps avoid errors, and prevents phone calls to already overwhelmed pharmacies. An accurate medication reconciliation at admission mitigates preventable extensions of lengths of stay, both crucial in keeping hospital resources available for COVID-19 response.”

Suboptimal medication management is the biggest driver of cost, unrealized treatment goals, poor treatment outcomes, and mortality in the United States, representing $528 Billion in costs and over 275,000 deaths annually. The COVID-19 outbreak adds enormous strain to the system on top of this already overwhelming problem. By offering Meds 360°, which provides clinicians a comprehensive view of a patient’s medication history through real-time visualization of all major PBM and retail pharmacy data for a patient, including cash payments at the pharmacy, free of charge, hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations can reduce medication-related utilization, freeing up time and resources to combat COVID-19.

For more details on the program read this blog post, sign up for our webinar on Tuesday, March 31, 3:30 - 4:30 PM EST.

About Cureatr, Inc.

Cureatr is a comprehensive medication management (CMM) solutions company dedicated to repairing the United States’ $528 Billion suboptimal medication management problem. Using our technology, we ensure that prescribers have real-time, accurate current medication lists when they write new prescriptions and perform medication reconciliations; by making it easy to draw their attention to potential drug therapy problems, like therapeutic duplication, non-adherence, and substance abuse; and by generating real-time notifications for care managers when patients pick up new, potentially dangerous medications, or fail to pick up their maintenance meds. We also offer clinical services that put our technology into the hands of our own board-approved clinical pharmacists, enabling them to provide ongoing care coordination of their complex medication therapies because our vision is a world where people who need medications can access and use them safely, and effectively so that they can live long healthy lives, in the real world rather than the hospital. Visit to learn more.

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Jake Behnke

Director of Marketing


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