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Meds 360° Planner Tab Product Update

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More than a medication reconciliation. Cureatr's Med Planner tab empowers providers to create a medication action plan, using the most accurate medication history data from Meds 360°.

With real-time medication behavior on 265+ million patients across the country, Meds 360° provides you with an unprecedented view of the medications your patients have picked up, combating primary non-adherence head on. But what about the medications they are actually taking? With the new, Meds 360° Planner tab - members of the care team are better enabled to perform a medication reconciliation, starting with the most accurate information pulled seamlessly in from the Cureatr platform - easily producing a medication action plan.

What is a medication action plan (MAP)?

Cureatr's Planner tab will auto-fill the medications a patient has picked up, letting you reconcile the patient’s medications one-by-one with the ability to add notes, add or remove a medication, and make recommendations. After the med rec is completed, you can export a medication action plan that contains the newly updated med list along with the intended assessment and treatment plan via pdf to share with your patient, their care team, and/or your record system.

Cureatr’s mission is to fix suboptimal medication management through innovative solutions and services. We innovate based on the needs of our customers and we know that to truly optimize medication management, clinicians need to easily and efficiently perform medication reconciliations on their most complex patients - starting with the most comprehensive, accurate medication histories. With our new Meds Planner tab, we are providing just that, giving clinicians the most up-to-date information to start with, allowing them to more effectively provide care.

Visit Cureatr.com to learn more or, click here to schedule a demo today to learn more.


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