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Must-Read Medication Management Articles from October 2022

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To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and clinical pharmacist services, here are some of the most significant news reports published in October. Highlights include stories on Star Ratings, health equity, deprescribing, and rising drug costs.

1. Fact Sheet: 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D Star Ratings

CMS issued a fact sheet summarizing changes to its 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D Star Ratings.

2. Why Care at Home Belongs in Health Equity Strategies

A MedCity News column argued for providing more care at home to help address health equity and areas including medication reconciliation and care coordination.

3. Ambulatory Rx Pharmacists Cut HbA1c in Diabetes

Multiple research teams demonstrated that incorporating pharmacists into outpatient diabetes clinics can significantly improve key markers of disease progression.

4. Less Is More: Deprescribing

A Pharmacy Today column took a deep dive into deprescribing, including at-risk populations, goals, barriers, and medication targets.

5. Drug Prices Soaring Beyond Inflation Rate, Necessitating Action, Says HHS

New reports illustrated the need to address rapidly increasing prescription drug costs that create affordability challenges.

6. Study Finds Factors That Contribute to Medication Nonadherence Among People with Lupus

Research found that among people with lupus, two important factors may play a role in persistent medication nonadherence: hurried interactions with healthcare providers and low self-efficacy.

7. Smartphone Apps Alone Not Enough to Improve Self-Measured BP

A study revealed that self-measured blood pressure monitoring has minimal effect on blood pressure control, but when it's accompanied by co-interventions such as clinical support, it has several significant benefits.

8. Pharmacists Fill Care Gaps as COVID Strategies Develop

With staffing shortages in skilled nursing homes creating medication management challenges, pharmacists are taking on expanded roles and responsibilities.

9. ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway Addresses Integrating ASCVD and Multimorbidity Treatment

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) offered a comprehensive and integrative framework for treating patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and multimorbidity. 

10. Self-Management Education Key to Managing Hyperglycemia in Diabetes

A consensus update stated that diabetes self-management education and support is a key intervention in managing hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes.


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