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Must-Read Medication Management Articles from September 2022

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To keep you better informed about the biggest trends and developments affecting medication management, medication adherence, and clinical pharmacist services, here are some of the most significant news reports published in September. Highlights include stories on Medicare Advantage Star ratings, NCQA's health plan ratings, the Inflation Reduction Act, and motivational interviewing:

1. Medicare Advantage Star Ratings May Decline With New Methodology

McKinsey & Co. noted that due to impending changes to the methodology used to calculate Medicare Advantage Star ratings, highly rated plans may struggle to retain their ratings in the coming years.


2. NCQA Releases Health Plan Performance Ratings With COVID-19 Data

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) released its 2022 health plan ratings. Most eligible plans rated around 3.5 stars overall. Out of 1,048 health plans that received a numerical rating, just six earned the highest rating of 5 stars.


3. 7 Highlights From the 2022 NCQA Health Plan Ratings

A HealthLeaders article shared key findings from the NCQA's 2022 health plan ratings. Among them: Patient experience is only going to become more important.


4. Including a Clinical Pharmacists Beneficial to Hemophilia Care Team

A study showed that incorporating a clinical pharmacist into the National Hemophilia Foundation's comprehensive care model for patients with hemophilia improved outcomes and reduced medication costs.


5. Poor Medication Adherence Tied to CV Events, All-Cause Death in CAD

Research revealed that a 20 percent improvement in cardiovascular (CV) medication adherence could reduce the risk for any CV event by eight percent and the risk for all-cause mortality by 12 percent among patients with coronary artery disease.


6. A Review of 62 Studies Finds Few Big Differences Between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage on a Variety of Measures

KFF reviewed more than 60 studies published since 2016 that compared Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare on various measures. In the increasingly crucial area of "getting needed prescription drugs," Medicare Advantage enrollees reported better experiences than traditional Medicare beneficiaries. Among beneficiaries with diabetes, cancer, or a mental health condition, findings were mixed.


7. Where You Live May Impact How Likely You Are To Take Your Blood Pressure Meds

Research indicated that people living in large urban areas may be less likely to take prescribed medications for high blood pressure than those in smaller rural communities. Research also showed that gay and bisexual people appear less likely to take prescribed medications for high blood pressure than their straight peers.


8. Most of Premium Dollar Used for Prescription Drugs, Medical Services

AHIP research revealed that about 22 cents of the average healthcare premium dollar go towards prescription drugs. Meanwhile, nearly 83 cents of the average healthcare premium dollar goes towards prescription drugs and medical services, which includes inpatient and outpatient costs, emergency room costs, and doctor visits.


9. When 9 Biggest Medicare Changes Under New Rx Law Go Into Effect

AARP provided a year-by-year implementation timeline of the Inflation Reduction Act's health provisions.


10. Supporting Medication Adherence With Motivational Interviewing

A Pharmacy Times column discussed how motivational interviewing can help patients remain adherent to their therapy and maximize the benefits of their medications.


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