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Secure Messaging Updates: Improved Notifications & Archive All

We are committed to making healthcare communication as seamless, efficient, and secure as possible. When our users request functions that might ease their workflow and day-to-day use, we listen. With that said, we’re happy to announce the launch of some of our most requested updates to our HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging platform.

See below for a view on what’s new to your Cureatr inboxes, and if you have any questions or are interested in taking a look at how our Secure Messaging could improve communication at your organization, speak to a specialist here.

Archive All: 

A cluttered inbox can be frustrating, unorganized, and when you’re trying to communicate about health information as quickly as possible - unsafe.

Users asked and we listened. 

Clean up your Cureatr inbox in one swift action - with our new Archive All function. Live now.

Away Messages:

Headed out of the office? Now you can create a custom away response for when you’re off-duty, and you can set yourself as ‘Busy’ without the auto-response!

Improved Notifications:

If you’re a current Cureatr user, ask your administrator about new streamlined notifications across your smart devices.

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