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Care Management

Doctors on Call, Cureatr to Reduce New York...

Collaboration to improve care management, transitions of care, and prevent avoidable ...


Care Management

The PQRs of Healthcare

Healthcare - The final frontier of innovation. Through contentious reform legislation, major ...


Care Transition Notifications

Part II of II: Close the Gap - The Role of HIEs

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), referring both to the organization and specific technology, ...



Part I of II: Close the Gap

For more than 10 years, industry associations, such as HiMSS, have been exclaiming the virtues of ...


Care Transition Notifications

Hospital CEOs Rank Financial Challenges as Top...

According to a recent FierceHealth article, hospital executives' top concern in 2014 was how to ...


Care Transition Notifications

Medicare Is Overhauling Its Payment System – Will...

There is a fundamental and significant change coming in the manner in which Medicare will pay ...


Health Care Reform

10 Things You Need to Know About DSRIP

Okay, so you’re asking what the heck DSRIP is and how it affects ME. Well, even if you are a ...