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health technology hazards for 2020

Healthcare Technology

ECRI Health Technology Hazards for 2020 Report:...

ECRI Institute has issued its annual list of the top 10 health technology hazards. While addressing ...

Cureatr-Favorite Healthcare Mobile Apps-2019

Healthcare Technology

Our Favorite Healthcare Mobile Apps of 2019

Last year, we chose our favorite healthcare apps of 2018, highlighting four platforms in total. ...

telemedicine and telehealth-1

Healthcare Technology

What's the Difference Between Telemedicine and...

One often hears the terms "telemedicine" and "telehealth" used interchangeably. While they are ...

what is telemedicine-1

Healthcare Technology

What is Telemedicine and How Does it Work in...

  My recent blog about telehealth described it as the overarching term for healthcare services ...


Healthcare Technology

What are the Pros and Cons of mHealth?

mHealth, or mobile healthcare, is not only here to stay, but it's likely to play an increasingly ...

what is telehealth-1

Healthcare Technology

What is Telehealth and Why is It Taking Off Now?

Telehealth is a broad term used to describe the delivery of healthcare services using ...

innovations in healthcare technology

Healthcare Technology

10 Innovations in Healthcare Technology

We're only a few weeks into 2019, and yet one of the most significant conferences for healthcare ...

Hospitals is Supporting Medical Advances-1

Healthcare Technology

4 Ways Technology Developed in Hospitals Supports...

Advances in healthcare technology are allowing hospitals to deliver safer, more effective and ...

new technology in healthcare-1

Healthcare Technology

New Technology in Healthcare: What Providers...

The multitude of ways that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic surgery, ...

benefits of technology in healthcare-1

Healthcare Technology

3 Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare industry is notoriously slow when it comes to adopting change and technology is ...

Healthcare Technology Advances-1

Healthcare Technology

5 Healthcare Technology Advances Making the News

Healthcare technology is advancing so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. Unfortunately, ...

Technology and Healthcare-1

Healthcare Technology

The Relationship Between Technology and Healthcare

When I started practicing medicine, the office staff used a paper-based ledger system to manage ...

emerging technologies in healthcare-1

Healthcare Technology

3 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare to Know

2018 was a year where technology further cemented its critical role in healthcare. There are few, ...

future of healthcare technology-1

Healthcare Technology

5 Predictions on the Future of Healthcare...

How has technology affected healthcare? A column published on the Healthcare Information and ...

Different Ways Technology is Used in Healthcare-1

Healthcare Technology

3 Different Ways Technology is Used in Healthcare

Every year, new technology is introduced that has the potential to transform the delivery of care ...

healthcare technology trends

Healthcare Technology

2019 Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch

Proliferation of mobile devices and tablets, a drive toward managing and sharing risk, and a need ...

Impact of Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare Technology

What is the Impact of Technology in Healthcare?

For years, software engineers designed healthcare technologies for use only on terminal screens and ...

Why is Technology Important in Healthcare

Healthcare Technology

Why is Technology Important in Healthcare?

When I began practicing medicine, the medical record was a paper chart. The chart typically ...