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Medication Adherence vs. Compliance: 4 Ways They Differ

While often used interchangeably, medication adherence and medication compliance can be...

Medication Adherence vs. Compliance

The Importance of Medication Adherence in Hospitals

The roughly 50% of patients who do not take their medications as prescribed are putting...

importance of medication adherence

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Top Medication Adherence Apps

There are literally thousands of apps designed to help patients remember to take their...

Medication Adherence Apps

5 Practical Ways for Improving Medication Adherence

A simple pill. When taken consistently and on schedule, it can help patients control and...

improving medication adherence

4 Elderly Medication Adherence Issues

Medication adherence is vital to successful treatment, with the World Health Organization...

Elderly Medication Adherence

What Does Medication Adherence Research Tell Us About...

Medication adherence has been the subject of extensive research, and justifiably so....

Medication Adherence Research

What Does Patient Non-Adherence to Medication Really Cost?

For years, those of us in healthcare have generally cited the following estimates to...

patient adherence to medication

Top 7 Medication Adherence Tools for Healthcare Facilities

If your organization doesn’t have effective processes in place for medication adherence,...

medication adherence tools