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What to Know About Cureatr’s Residency Program

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Cureatr recently announced the launch of the Cureatr Clinic PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residency Program. The 12-month program begins July 11, 2022.

In this Q&A with Priyasha Sarna, PharmD, BCPS, CDCES, director of the residency program, and a clinical pharmacist program leader, Dr. Sarna provides background on the program, why the program stands out from others, and what residents selected for the program can expect from their experience.



Q: What is a PGY-2 ambulatory care pharmacy residency program?

Dr. Priyasha Sarna: Simply put, a PGY-2 ambulatory care pharmacy residency program is a training program where we help Residents develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide clinical pharmacy services to our ambulatory care patients. Residents essentially rotate through several learning experiences that home in on those direct patient care skills. Part of the training of a PGY-2 ambulatory care pharmacy residency program is focused on developing skills to implement new clinical pharmacy services and fostering those leadership skills. The ultimate goal and expectation of the ambulatory care residency program is that by the end of the program, the graduate is fully competent in providing care to patients with chronic and complex disease states and complications. The graduate should also be confident in their ability to design and implement new clinical pharmacy services in the ambulatory care setting.

Q: Why has Cureatr decided to launch such a residency program as part of its Cureatr Clinic?

PS: Cureatr Clinic has a great deal to offer to the future of pharmacy, and we're ready to give back and prepare the next generation of pharmacists for the future we envision. We're eager to be an influential part of the exponential growth of ambulatory care clinical pharmacy that we've seen over the past few years. We feel we have the tools necessary to develop future clinical leaders in this area, and we'll be able to provide them with the experiences that will help them continue working in and spark their passions in this unique field of pharmacy. Our program is unique because it provides a resident with an opportunity to train in an environment that is very innovative and allows for growth and development of skills necessary in various ambulatory care settings, not just your traditional ambulatory care setting. This is the right time to be an active part in the growth and direction of our profession and provide that training ground for residents.

Q: What is the structure of Cureatr's residency program?

PS: The residents will have longitudinal rotations that involve direct patient care through telehealth. They'll also have longitudinal clinical service development and research rotation where their focus will be implementing a new clinical pharmacy service with the support of our team.

Another opportunity they'll have is to take an elective based on their area of interest. The electives can vary and include clinical quality, data analytics, product or design, patient engagement and satisfaction, marketing, and strategies. The resident will have the opportunity to be involved in these critical components of a clinical operation that are not traditionally offered in a residency program. This is a particularly exciting facet of the program. The residents will also be involved in more traditional resident program activities, including coprecepting pharmacy students, journal clubs, case presentations, and leading our pharmacy grand rounds and seminars.

Q: How does this initiative align with Cureatr's mission, vision, and values?

PS: One of Cureatr's core values is innovation — pursuing new ideas, fostering growth, and developing new processes and products. A pharmacy residency program provides a platform for such innovation. Our vision is to create a world where people can use their medications safely and effectively. By launching this pharmacy residency program, we're providing that training ground for future pharmacy leaders who will be going out and making an impact in this area which closely aligns with our vision.

Q: What can residents expect from the program?

PS: Residents can expect a program that reflects the Cureatr culture. They can expect a very close-knit group that is passionate about our mission and work and one that is supportive and inventive.

I would add that being a part of a new residency program, especially in a company that's growing as fast as Cureatr, will give a resident a unique opportunity to make the program their own and have a good deal of influence on how the program evolves over time.

Q: What differentiates Cureatr's residency program from others?

PS: In addition to what I have already discussed, we are unique in the way we deliver patient care virtually and how we can access real-time medication histories. We're able to make a large impact on big populations. The resident will have a chance to be a part of that and be a pioneer with us in implementing and enhancing new services.

Q: What makes you so passionate about educating and training the clinical pharmacists of tomorrow?

PS: It's very rewarding to be a part of the journey, growth, and development of a pharmacist. Pharmacy is a profession where you don't ever stop learning. In my career, I've always found that as I've precepted students and residents, you learn as much from them as they learn from you.

I've had amazing preceptors and mentors throughout my training. I look forward to paying it forward and helping the growth of our profession.

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